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Our Mission & Vision

 It's our time to heal (become sound and healthy again) with a holistic approach to mental wellness.

Our Mindful Kingdom is a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness through education, advocacy, service, and research. Our mission is to build emotionally intelligent families and communities. We promote a holistic approach toward mental wellness in the black community by fighting against the stigma of mental health problems and pursuing good health and disease prevention, creating a natural way of returning the mind and body to their healthiest.



D'Shaun Mannings

About Our Mindful Kingdom

Our Mindful Kingdom is a non-profit organization devoted to honoring the memory of D’Shaun Mannings, Father, Son, Brother, Artes, and Poet. While providing access to mental health resources and promoting positive mental health awareness. We provide resources, workshops, and programs that focus on healing, support, and growth.  

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